About REAP

About REAP


REAP, LLC. • Retirement Estate Advisors & Professionals

We at REAP, LLC. are proud to have helped many families and individuals over the years. Our firm uses a “team approach” to focus on retirement issues, estate planning needs and other various financial challenges.

REAP is a professional firm designed to assist families in protecting their assets and maintaining their standard of living.

The following is a partial list of services we provide:

  • Asset Protection and Preservation
  • Estate Tax Limitation or Reduction
  • Wealth and Estate Transfer Planning
  • Individual and Family Trust Planning
  • Planning for Disability or Incompetence
  • Capital Gains Tax Reduction
  • Reduction of Taxes on Social Security Benefits
  • Income Tax Reduction and Increasing Spendable Income
  • Seminars Specializing in Estate, Income, and Financial Advisory Issues

Many families can better organize their financial affairs when they know about the many solutions that are available beyond what they are told by their stockbrokers, accountants and attorneys.

REAP holds seminars and workshops periodically throughout the Southeastern part of the country. For the next session close to you, please view our events or contact us.

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