Estate Planning

We insure that your estate and its legacy are protected….

See how the Distribution & Preservation modes and the Transfer stage of your estate are effectuated.

Risk Analysis

See how effective your investments are…

Learn how all your investments could perform better and be more secure against the fluctuations of the market.

Ways we help

Identify how our team can help you prosper…


  • Asset Protection & Preservation
  • Estate Tax Limitation or Reduction
  • Wealth & Estate Transfer Planning
  • Individual & Family Trust Planning
  • Planning for Disability or Incompetence
  • Capital Gains Tax Reduction
  • Reduction of Taxes on Social Security Benefits
  • Income Tax Reduction & Increasing Spendable Income
  • Workshops Specializing in Estate, Income, Retirement & Financial Advisory Issues

10 Critical Tax Mistakes

10-most-expensive-tax-mistakes-smallIn this book we cover some of the biggest mistakes that investors make when it comes to their taxes. Not only will you discover tax mistakes that cost investors like you thousands, year after year after year, but you’ll also learn what you can do to solve those problems – legally, morally, and ethically. More →

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